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    247wood ESM deep hole drilling jig

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    Description 247wood ESM deep hole drilling jig

    When you are going to install an electric lock, it is necessary to make a cable entry in the door. With the 247wood ESM long-hole drilling jig you can very accurately drill a hole with a diameter of 12 mm from both sides, with which you can easily feed the cable of the lock. By means of the long full stainless steel drill bush it is almost impossible to make another drilling error. The 247wood ESM long-hole drilling jig can even be used diagonally and equipped with a soft clamping knob so that no damage can occur to the door
    Using the ESM is simple, stick a track with painter's tape at the position where you want to drill the hole from side to side. On the painter's tape you draw a line with a marker or pencil from one side to the other side of the door. Place your ESM with its line markings on the line you just put on the painter's tape and screw the ESM onto the door. Then drill as far as you can with a 12mm hammer drill and repeat this process on the other side of the door. then clean the drilled hole with a vacuum cleaner. Now you can do the cabling by means of pass a tension spring through the door.

    Component properties:

    • Drill sleeve/inner diameter12mm
    • Price per 1 piece

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