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    Chipboard screw torx 4x40mm

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    Dynaplus® Uniscrews with TX-drive have been developed for optimum ease of screwdriving and can be processed in various building materials. The uni screws screw in in no time at all and in most cases can be processed without pre-drilling. They are up to 50% faster than normal screws and have a remarkably low screw-in resistance, which means that many more screws can be processed per battery charge. The electrolytically galvanized screws are made of hardened carbon steel and are not only super strong due to a sophisticated hardening process, but they are also very flexible. This minimizes the chance of abort; both during screwing in and afterwards, when the screws have been processed and the wood starts to work. The extra deep TX drive provides a lot of grip and makes screwing in easy.

    Component properties:

    • Length: 40mm
    • Diameter 4mm
    • Tightening device Torx 20 (TX)
    • Content packaging 500 pieces

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