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    Dewalt DE6990-XJ original

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    Description Dewalt DE6990-XJ Original

    With its universal size, this copying ring is suitable for many routers. Compare the sizes of this copy ring with your router to see if the copy ring fits your machine. See image 2 for more information about the size liner of this copy ring

    Component properties:

    • Type DE6990-XJ is suitable for: D26200 / D26203 / D26204K / DW613 / DW614 / DW615 / MOF96 / MOF96E
    • Also suitable for: Einhell RT-OS-55 but beware! shorten the sides yourself
    • Also suitable for: POWERPLUS POWX0910 - Ferm PRM1015 - Black & Decker KW800
    • Screws not present

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