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    Door holder wall model galvanized

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    Easily walk in and out of your shed or home with heavy items or open the entrance door of a performance so that the audience can easily pass through? Then secure the door with a wall or floor model door holder. This prevents a door from closing and obstructing the free passage. This simple model door holder is made of galvanized steel and can be used in both residential and non-residential construction. Because the steel is galvanized, the door holder can safely be used outside. Assembly is easy. You can attach the door holder to the wall or the floor with four screws. You attach the plunge hook to the door with three screws. You can also easily remove the door from the hook with your foot! This way you have an easy and economical solution to create a free passage and prevent any damage to doors and frames due to slamming.

    Component properties:

    • Galvanized steel
    • Wall model

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