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    Hinge 89x89 round skg black

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    An interior with an industrial look and heavy doors and windows? Then this CE certified black plain bearing hinge is a smart choice. DX Plain bearing hinges are wear-resistant, noiseless, maintenance-free and have a large load-bearing capacity. The sliding bearing hinge owes its name to the nylon sliding bearings on which the hinge leaves rotate. Due to the sliding bearings, modern heavy front and rear doors can now be hung with fewer hinges. By way of illustration: for a 100 kg door, only 2 plain bearing hinges are required, compared to 4 ball bearing hinges. Due to their high load-bearing capacity, these plain bearing hinges are also excellent for use in aggravating circumstances, such as the use of a door closer or door stopper. In addition, they can be used on escape and emergency doors.

    Recommended screw size 4x45 mm

    Component properties:

    • Material steel
    • Finish black
    • Round corner finish
    • Width 89mm Height 89mm
    • Carrying capacity per 3pcs = 145kg
    • Carrying capacity per 4pcs = 150kg

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