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    Article number 2010

    Hinge 89x89 round skg

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    These universal ball joint hinges are very suitable for both interior and exterior doors! Because despite the lack of the thief pin, it is SKG***® approved and suitable for hanging outside doors within the Police Hallmark for Safe Living. Where you need five with other hinges or hinges, you can already hang a door in accordance with the SKG ***® quality mark with four of these ball-pin hinges. Thanks to the absence of the thief pin, it is also suitable for hanging interior doors. This way you kill two birds with one stone. It is also a tilting hub version, which allows you to create a larger turning circle. This makes this hinge ideal for attaching a barn door or other inset door. Because the leaf is wider, the button protrudes further, so that the door can be opened completely without being blocked by the wall. Recommended screw size 4.5 x 45 mm (not included)

    Component properties:

    • Material steel
    • Finish bright galvanized
    • Round corner finish
    • Width 125mm
    • Height 89mm
    • Carrying capacity per 3pcs = 70kg
    • Carrying capacity per 4pcs = 90kg
    • Direction of rotation DIN left


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