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    Hinge template 102x89 left BWS

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    Description milling jig 102x89 left BWS:

    BWS milling jigs are made of a thick plastic material for milling hinges 102x89 in a frame with a fire-resistant rebate of 25 mm. These milling jigs are fully CNC machined and made of a very durable technical plastic. For correct use of the router template, you must equip the router with a 24 millimeter copy ring and an 18 millimeter router.

    BWS stands for Fire-resistant Rebate

    Component properties:

    • For milling hinges 102x89 in a frame with fire-resistant rebate 25mm
    • Thickness BWS milling jig 28mm
    • Made according to the Dutch hinge standard.
    • Supplied with rail mounting
    • 100% made in Holland product

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