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    Hinge template 89x89 right BWS

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    Description insert plate BWS 4-part extension:

    With this BWS 4-piece extension set, you can quickly transform the standard 18mm milling template (fits any milling template) into one that is applicable for fire-resistant rebates up to 27mm

    Mount the BWS extension plate, which is provided with pre-drilled screw holes, on any milling template that you want to use for a fire-resistant rebate and fasten it with the supplied screws. after you have mounted the BWS extetion on the relevant milling template, mill the pattern of the milling template from the BWS extension (of course, just with the 24mm copy ring/18mm milling cutter ratio). Then drill through the guide holes with a 6mm drill and the BWS extension  is ready for use.

    Component properties:

    • Supplied with all confirmations
    • Applicable to any milling jig
    • Set of 4 pieces
    • 100% made in Holland product

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