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    Invisible 3D hinge ZAMAK Gray

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    Description invisible 3D hinge Intersteel ZAMAK Gray::

    Make your door a part of the interior with the invisible door hinges from Intersteel. This concealed hinge is fully integrated into the door, so that it is not visible when the door is closed. This way you create a sleek look in your interior. This hinge is made of zinc alloy and subsequently galvanized. The cover plates are made of steel and then nickel plated. The hinge has a size of 130 x 30 mm and is suitable for doors with a minimum door thickness of 35 - 45 mm. It is of a high quality and has been tested for intensive use: 200,000 open and close movements. In addition, this hinge is 30 minutes fire retardant. Finally, this hinge is supplied individually including mounting material.

    See the ;Upselling; column for the matching Milling jigs.

    Component properties:

    • Color silver gray
    • 30 minutes fire retardant
    • Carrying weight with 2 hinges: 50 kg
    • Carrying weight with 3 hinges: 70 kg
    • Suitable for a door thickness of 35 - 45 mm
    • Dimensions 130 x 30 mm
    • packing unit 1 per item
    • Material Zamac / Zamak is a trademark for a group of alloys with zinc as the main component. The alloys have a relatively low melting point and can easily be cast.
      The most important components are zinc and aluminum, with small amounts of magnesium and copper. The name is an acronym derived from the initial letters of the German names for the metals from which the material is composed: Zinc, Aluminum, MAgnesium, Kupfer (copper).
      Zamak is used in the car and furniture industry for door handles, handles, logos and decorative strips, which are then often chromed. It is also used in weights used for wheel balancing, especially in the European Union where the usual lead for this application can no longer be used. Zamak is also widely used for casting engine block carters, including those of the well-known Solex moped

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