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    Kitchen top freesmal KBM-635

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    Description;of the;kitchen top freesmal KBM-635;:

    This kitchen top router template (KBM-635) from 247wood makes it possible to make a recessed corner connection, so that a tight, elevated flood barrier can made.;The mold can be easily positioned by means of 3 hardened precision pins.;By connecting the mold to a Festool; saw guide rail, you can also easily fix the KBM-635 to the worktop to be worked.;Because the mold has a standard height of 18 millimeters, the coupled rail does not obstruct the milling work and you can also use a standard;24 millimeter guide bush.

    The KBM-635 is made of a high-quality aluminum type, which undergoes an anodising process after machining.;This process not only provides a beautiful color but also ensures a very hard and wear-resistant surface, which means the mold will last for a long time under normal circumstances.


    • With location points for the following widths: 450 - 600 and 635mm
    • Machining length 450, 600 ; 635 millimeters
    • Base plate 18 millimeters high
    • Entry angle 45 degrees
    • 100% made in Holland product

    Scope of supply:

    • 1 x Base plate
    • 2 x T-nut
    • 2 x Mounting for guide rail
    • 2 x M6x16 screw
    • 2 x M6x12 screw
    • 3 x precision pen hardened;


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