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    How to center a guide ringCentering mandrel

    What do you need:


    The centering mandrel is a handy aid that you can use to check whether the copying ring is in line with the spindle of your router. However, for a router such as the Festool © OF1010, the use of a centering mandrel is necessary to align the copying ring with the spindle. The following explanation shows step by step how to position the copying ring in the center of the machine with the help of the centering tool.

    Step 1

    Place the copy in the sole of the machine and screw the supplied flat head screws into the holes provided. It is possible that your machine still has a plastic part in the sole, you must first remove this.

    copy ring in the sole of machine

    Step 2

    Pull the sole towards the machine (deepest position) and fix it, after which you can fix the centering mandrel in the shot. Make sure that the centering mandrel does not make contact with the copying ring.

    fasten centering mandrel

    Step 3

    Now that the centering mandrel is stuck in the router's mount, you can loosen the table and carefully raise it. The tapered portion of the centering mandrel now contacts the copying ring and causes it to center with the spindle of the router.

    disconnect table

    Step 4

    Now that the table presses the copying ring against the centering mandrel, you can tighten the screws alternately. If the screws are securely tightened, you can remove the centering mandrel and replace it with a cutter. The machine is now ready for use.

    fastening screws centering mandrel