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    MFT Fits Dogs 20-24x20 packed per 1 piece

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    Description 20-24x20 MFT Fits Dogs:

    100% solid aluminum bench hook also called Pas Dog with a stem diameter of 19.9 millimeters. These bench hooks fit perfectly in a worktop that is equipped with the 20x96 millimeter standard (MFT) hole pattern. With this Bench Dogs you can easily make a side stop. This Pas Dog is equipped with a longer handle with grip edge so that you get it faster from your MFT table top and this Pas Dog is used to edit the pattern of your MFT router jig.

    Component properties:

    • Diameter head 24 mm
    • Diameter handle 19.9 mm     
    • Height of head 10 mm    
    • Total height 52 mm    
    • MFT Pas dog 100% made in Holland product

    Scope of supply:

    • Packed per 1 piece

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