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    Patented Universal holes jig

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    Description Patented Universal holes jig:

    With this patented universal holes jig you can drill the holes for the patent bolt for your door fitting in no time at all. The patented universal holes jig is easy to center tru the door shield or rosette that you will use at that time. You place the door shield on the patented universal holes jig and with the dowel pins you can easily take over the required gater pattern.

    patented universal holes jig is applicable for all brands of door fittings and rosettes.

    Component properties:

    • Delivered in a luxury case
    • 3 x pin for holes
    • 2 x dowel pin for stool / cylinder hole
    • 2 x crank pin
    • 1 x cylinder pin
    • 1 x Patent drill jig with removable Drill bush 6 mm stainless steel
    • Patent drilling jig is made from high quality aluminum
    • Dowel pins / markers made from high-quality wear-resistant stainless steel
    • 100% made in Holland product