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    Renovation block set

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    EAN-number 7436914929909
    7 First Guard 4 4 3 3 6 6 9 9 1 1 4 4 Center 9 9 2 2 9 9 9 9 0 0 9 9 End Guard
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    Description renovation block set:

    Place a renovation block with a stop lip on the guide rail. Then turn all milling jigs 180 degrees so that the underside of the milling jig faces upwards and place it back on the guide rail. Now you can lock the milling jigs over the old recesses and fix them again. The renovation block is now your new attack on the underside of the lintel. With a renovation block on your guide rail, you can also transfer the milling template set to your new door, you have copied the existing indentations with this.

    Can also be used with BWS (fire-resistant frames) milling jigs

    Component properties:

    • Replace existing sizes easily
    • Both blocks have a stop lip
    • Complete set with accessories
    • 100% made in Holland product


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