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    Then you can report this to us within 30 days, starting on the day after receipt of your product, via the online return form (at the bottom of this page). You will then have another 14 days to return your product.
    Please be in original condition and packaging (if reasonably possible). Returning products with traces of use is not possible. So feel free to view the product as you would in the store. The costs for returning are for your own account.
    After the 30-day cooling-off period has expired, returns are no longer possible.

    How does refund work?

    We will refund the entire purchase amount (including any shipping and payment costs) as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the cancellation notice to the same account number as you paid with. We wait with a refund until we have received the products, or until you have demonstrated that you have sent them.


    In case of a demonstrable product error and / or incorrect delivery (with the exception of deviating delivery time by third parties) on the part of 247wood, the reimbursement of shipping costs will apply. Further costs such as damage or costs for return cannot be recovered.

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