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    Router template BSW Breuer+schmitz 160-120 160x32

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    Description of insert plate BSW Breuer + schmitz ;160-120:

    This milling template insert for routing BSW (Breuer + schmitz) HiDe 160-120 invisible hinges can be used in combination with our Freesmal FIS Basis.

    This milling template insert is made from a high-grade aluminum type which undergoes an anodising process after machining CNC machining. This process not only provides a beautiful color but also ensures a very hard and wear-resistant surface, with this insert you can collapse both the visible part of the hinge and the stepped section with virtually any type of router.

    First read the instructions before you start your project.

    Component properties:

    • CNC precision machined.
    • To be used in combination with our Freesmal FIS Basis.
    • Copying ring 24mm to be used
    • Use with router bit 18 mm
    • Works with any router
    • 100% made in Holland product

    Applicable to the following versions:

    • HiDe 160-120 / N
    • HiDe 160-120 / GVF1
    • HiDe 160-120 / ND
    • HiDe 160-120 / NDS
    • HiDe 160-120 / BV

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