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    Router template Dovetail B50

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    Description Router template Dovetail B50:

    Milling jig for making a dovetail / half-timber connection. Can be used with any kind of cutter or copying ring, but we recommend the traditional combination with a dovetail cutter and a copying ring 30mm to get the best result.
    This dovetail milling jig is made of solid and extra rigid stainless steel
    and is equipped with size lines.

    If you are going to work in series with this dovetail milling jig, you can screw a stop (eg a wooden spool) onto the rear of milling mold-A and milling mold-B, this is very easy thanks to the lines on the rear of milling mold-A and milling mold- B.

    The depth setting of the dovetail cutter must be the same for both milling jig-A and milling jig-B, the depth setting of the dovetail milling cutter is also indicated on the milling jigs. (see attachments)

    This dovetail milling jig can be used on any variant beam width / height as long as the recess fits in there, 247wood advises to use constructively responsible proportions.

    We recommend using a powerful router with a minimum of 2200W and a 12mm shots

    Component properties:

    • ;CNC precision machined
    • Per set of milling template A and milling template B
    • Minimum beam size: 40x90mm (see attachments)
    • Maximum beam size not applicable, 247wood does advise to use constructively responsible ratios.
    • Size of milling jig: Height: 345mm Width: 295mm Thickness: 10mm;;
    • 100% made in Holland product
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