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    Concrete scraper

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    Concrete scraper with 30 cm spring steel hardened blade. Including dul with reinforcement strips. Complete with 130cm long waxed ash Atlas handle. Complete with 130cm long waxed ash Atlas handle. The Atlas ash handle is waxed with the vegetable Carnauba and ensures that the wood can breathe, does not absorb water or dirt and retains the beautiful white color. In addition, Carnauba wax ensures a pleasant smooth stem, which prevents blisters. An important advantage of waxed handles is the extended life of the garden tools and thus the durability. Vegetable waxing of stems is also much better for the environment than varnishing/paraffin. Atlas stems are made from Essen rootstocks, which contain the best wood, and are completely Energy Neutral in the Netherlands after two drying processes. During the first drying process, sawn ash wood planks are air-dried on slats, after which they are dried back in a computer-controlled climate chamber in the second process. As a result, professional garden tools remain firmly attached to the mounted handle.

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    • Brand: Atlas

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