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    FIS stop block

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    Description FIS stop block:

    With this FIS (Freesmal Invisible Hinge) stop block you lay the foundation for milling invisible hinges. By placing the FIS stop block against the bottom of your sill, you can determine the position of your invisible hinges and mill them, then you can easily transfer them to your door using the FIS stop block. The supplied Rail 0.26 meter ** new model ** is equipped with various sets of holes so that you are not dependent on 1 type of frame height.

    See manual in the appendix.

    Scope of supply:

    • 1 x Plastic stop block can be used for both left and right.
    • 2 x stop lip
    • 1 x Rail 0.26 meter ** new model ** with adjusting holes
    • 1 x Rail coupling piece ** new model **
    Handleiding freesmal FIS basis scan 02-20-2020.pdf Handleiding freesmal FIS basis scan 02-20-2020

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