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    Nemef Multi-Point Lock SKG® ** Cylinder Operated

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    Description Nemef multi-point lock SKG*** Cylinder operated:

    High-quality self-locking Nemef multi-point closure SKG*** for the safe closing of exterior doors. equipped with Police Hallmark Safe Housing complete with closing bowls and locking plates for both left and right. This Nemef multi-point closure SKG*** is turning both left and right through an adjustable bolt.

    Component properties:

    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: NEMEF
    • Length 1700 centimeters
    • Width 24 millimeters
    • Diameter 55 millimeters
    • Stitch size 72 millimeters
    • SKG 3 star safety seal
    • Includes 3 piece closing bowl set
    • Multi-point lock Cylinder operated

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