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    Viking Arm
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    Viking Arm soft pad footplate

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    The soft pad can be applied in seconds. Designed to protect surfaces from scuffs, scratches and scuffs with its non-slip, non-abrasive and soft-touch lifting surface. The soft pad 'slides' securely onto the heavy-duty carbon steel Viking Arm® base plate, providing better gripping technology and a softer interface. The soft pad secures the Viking Arm® Tool to the surface while providing maximum protection. Effective protection of delicate surfaces such as glass, finished wood, floors, ceramics, tiles, doors, windows, countertops, tables and more from damage when lifting.

    Component properties:

    • Dimensions: 17 x 103 x 114mm
    • Soft touch and abrasion resistant protective contact point for all surfaces
    • Mounts to the Viking Arm® Tool's standard 6mm base plate

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