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    NINO Drilling template

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    Description NINO universal drilling template:

    With this universal drilling template you can create various hole patterns in a jiffy with great ease. For example, you can accurately drill 5 millimeter holes for the 32 millimeter system, which are used for shelves, drawer rails and kitchen cabinet hinges.;On the center line of the ruler there is a 3.5mm drill bit which you can use in various ways, so you can pre-drill, mark, take over and punch start holes.;You can also use the universal drilling template as a precise tool.

    Component properties:

    • Multifunction tool
    • Precision CNC laser engraved ruler
    • Manufactured from aviation quality aluminum
    • Hardened drill cans made of high-quality steel
    • Accurately drill 5mm hole rows for the 32 mm system
    • Easily and accurately pre-drill 3.5 mm holes
    • Exactly mark out lines both along and across


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